"Payful stands out as one of the fintech start-ups that’s going to work. It’s a solution that genuinely delivers important insight into the hands of its users. It will help the flow of money between businesses and improve financial governance. It’s also led by a founding team with an impressive track record, which is known for successfully getting fintech products to market. Payful has already made headlines in 2022, so it’s one to watch in 2023 and far beyond.”
Kimberley Waldron
Co Founder, skyparlour.com
“Getting paid can be a nightmare for us but Payful has made it much easier. We set our terms and Payful gets our clients buy in. Because payment performance is recorded and shared with the network it's encouraging our clients to pay promptly. It’s great value for money.”
Benjamin Duffy
Director, pkbcivils.com

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