Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Payful is an outsourced credit control service designed for small businesses so they never have to worry about invoices being paid again.

How does
Payful work?

We'll agree a workflow with you and then assign your own personal credit controller. We'll then get all of your invoices paid directly into your bank account.

How much does it cost to use Payful?

Payful is the most affordable outsourced credit control service on the market.

You can see for yourself by visiting our pricing calculator here.

What type of invoices will
Payful collect?

We'll collect all of your B2B invoices.

Will you collect a one-off invoice?

Yes, we will. Please contact us for pricing information.

Will using
Payful upset my customers?

Using Payful can actually help protect your customer relationships. Our personal and fair collection approach will help influence prompt payments with no hard feelings or friction.

When should I use Payful?

The sooner you engage with us, the faster you will see a positive improvement on your monthly cashflow.

Want to learn more about Payful?

We'll be in touch asap!